Can you just have one of your property lines surveyed?

This is probably the most common question a land surveyor gets and the answer is unfortunately almost always, no. You cannot just have one of your property lines surveyed; even if all the property lines are not a concern. There are several reasons why:

  1. A surveyor cannot verify precisely where a property’s corners are unless they find at least 3 of the corners. If you were completing a game of connect the dots and the object you were to draw was a rectangle, could you know for certain that all the lines were the accurate length if you only knew where two of the dots were? You could not. Surveying is like a puzzle and, you must have all the pieces to complete it.
  2. It’s not cheaper to have one line surveyed. You might think it may be because it seems like less work but, it’s not going to be any less work for the surveyor because he or she is going to survey the whole boundary of the property to find your one line.
  3. Surveying one line is an extreme liability for a surveyor. Indiana State Law requires that all surveyors must provide evidence to validate their findings. The location of a single property line is judged to be inadequate evidence with the exception of a few rare circumstances.

You won’t save any money by identifying one line and the result won’t be 100% legal. Therefore, the smartest thing to do when you are unsure where one of your property lines are is to get a boundary survey that includes all the property lines.

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