Know What You Mow

Mow lines are not an accurate representation of property boundaries.  Overtime, some neighbors start to mow each other’s yards and things can get confusing when someone new moves in. For example…

You found the perfect fixer-upper in a charming, old neighborhood and put a ton of time and energy into flipping your new home. Finally, you finish and move in and are more than ready to admire your hard work. After a few weeks, you’ve noticed that your new neighbor is mowing about 3 feet into your side yard. You are confused because your realtor said that was your property so, you go ask your neighbor why he is mowing part of your yard.

He replies, “I’ve been mowing this for 35 years, this is my yard!” 

You tell him what your realtor said when you bought the house but, this makes things even more awkward.

“I’ve lived here since your house and my house was built. I know why my property lines are! You are just trying to take advantage of me.”

Now, you feel like what you don’t know what to do. What if your realtor was wrong and he is right? Even if he is wrong, he won’t listen to you. What do you do?

Solution: You should try to talk it out with your neighbor first if at all possible. Use any documentation you received when you bought the home that legally describes the boundaries of your lot. Ask your realtor to explain how they got the information they told you about the property boundaries. If they cannot help you, look into getting a boundary survey from a professional surveyor. 

A boundary survey is the only way to accurately describe and illustrate the property lines of your lot or parcel. Boundary surveys use county recorded information to determine the precise location of your property corners. From this information, a surveyor can establish the “line” that exists between the two corners; establishing your property and distinguishing any property disputes. The line will be staked for visual reference and, you can keep the survey drawing for any future problem or projects.

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